Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nice To Meet You

It has been said that I need to blog in order to become a serious author. I am still not sure how the hell blogging is going to help me become MORE SERIOUS, but here I am... blogging. This particular blog is just to introduce myself. My main intention with this is to be more of an open book to my readers. I want the people that take the time out of their life to read my books, my thoughts, to feel like they know me. It is near impossible for me to hold down one thought in my head for long so more than likely my blogs will be more of a mixed variety. Well... here we go.. My first blog...

My name is Krystal Elizabeth Brooke. If you know me well you call me Brooke. Sometimes B. From time to time there is a Krystal, Krys, Liz, Bitch, Babe, Mommy, or Ma'am sprinkled in there. NEVER BROOKIE! That right is reserved for a special few. I don't mean to play into the cliche "I am different than every body else, I'm crazy!", BUT I AM! I do not think or react like anybody I know. Being normal and CALM is exhausting to me. Some days I am the sweetest person ever, everybody loves me, some I am quiet and introverted, depressive. There are times I am scary violent. That is NO exaggeration. I have some sort of self control because at these times I am still intensely protective of my sons, Zain and Dryden. There is a cause for my character flaws- it's called Bipolar Disorder 1.

As I mentioned I have two boys, Zain and Dryden. Zain has severe autism. He is the biggest inspiration I have ever met. Dryden is amazing. He is always here to help and has the sweetest way of losing his ever-living mind whenever he gets frustrated. Those boys have changed me down to my core. Before they were born I was a completely different person. I have also been married for 11 years. Autism has become my obsession. I have written several books aimed at raising awareness to some of the important points of the autistic plight.

There's my introduction. I'll more than likely divulge more as I blog. If you are interested you will just have to keep up with me. Next time... A real blog. LOLz.

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